Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Flew from Arusha to Zanzibar to Dar Salaam. Got in at 3 pm, the dinner is at 6 and i've ben wearing the same sweaty cloths for two days. View of the Masque from my room that in calling out to prayer over the speakers. I thought I saw Jason Bourne jumping from roof top to roof top.


Anonymous said...

You are Jason Bourne!

Can't believe you are actually over there! Glad to see that you can have a cold beer from time to time - I'm sure it is a luxury!

Hang in there buddy - proud of you!


Deborah said...

Glad you made it there safely!

Anonymous said...

dude. you probably DID see jason bourne. looks like his kind of digs....
glad to hear you're having quite the adventure. watch out for african critters. and i hope you get to sit down and actually ENJOY a cold beer at some point :)

Anonymous said...

I want the full rundown at CBW with me, you and Jeb when you return. Can you grab me a t-shirt before you leave? I love Africa or soemthing will be fine. See ya soon.