Monday, March 23, 2009


in Arusha, little shady. we're trying to rent a plane to get us to Haydom in the morning but we can't get in touch with the hospital contact so we don't know if they know we're coming or have anyplace for us to stay. Note to anyone traveling to Africa, have all plans set in STONE before leaving because it's not easy doing things on the fly here, lots of bribing and streets smarts needed. I'll attach photos when i get a chance, haven't shot much. Caring a camera around Arusha as I learned yesterday will get you about twenty "fly catchers" con men surrounding you and they're not easy to shake. I learned a lot in the first 24, and got the low down from our lodge manager so that also helped. Beautif country though.

Off to find a pre paid phone card and a bush pilot.

might be out of touch for a while in the bush but will update when possible.



Heather said...

good to hear you are ok and enjoying the scenery atleast. Be safe!!

B. Reves said...

Good luck! Hope you found someone to fly you guys.... Stay safe, can't wait to see your pictures but know it might not be until you return.

Anonymous said...

I hope all is going well. Stay safe and street smart. Lynne