Sunday, October 4, 2009


Sweden please adopt me. I'll trade flags. Red, white and blue for blue and yellow. White isn't even a color so we just have to swap out the yellow for the blue, easy. It sort of seems like someone is playing a joke on me and all at once everyone is going to take off their incredibly, wonderfully, insanely beautiful masks. No, No.
Great people, food, coffee, architecture, people, bier, people. Most major cities have a Big Ben, Tour Eiffel or Statue of Liberty that draws crowds to pose in front of them. Not here thank you very much. A very light population of posing tourist and very large population of great culture and the laid back European lifestyle. The coffee shops don't even open til 10am.

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Anna said...

Beware. At night we come out as hideous and nasty fellatioloving creatures in tight pants.