Thursday, October 15, 2009


OK Sweden what's up? I recently visited the Skansen Living Museum in Stockholm. See blog below for details (important part of this). This morning while trying to find creative inspiration on Communication Arts site I came across this wonderful design that has been done for the Skansen Museums gift shop. The CA article is attached and is very good but view my posting below and hmmm? Someone must have played some Tom Foolery on me. I still love you Sweden.

The Skansen Museum Shop identity

Packaging, Consumer

Skansen in Stockholm, Sweden, was created in 1891 as the world’s first open air museum, where visitors can experience living history, with guides in historic costumes using authentic household tools in authentic old buildings in natural surroundings. The museum shop sells traditional Swedish handicraft, delicacies and food items, books, CDs and souvenirs as well as building restoration supplies for historic houses. While studying graphic design, Jens Magnusson of Jens Magnusson Design worked part-time as a sales clerk at the museum. For his MFA project at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, he developed a new graphic identity for the museum shop inspired by Swedish traditional costumes, handicraft, folklore and 18th century woodcuts. The museum subsequently bought the whole program. Since its launch he’s continued to add seasonal material and product designs to the well-received concept.

Jens Magnusson, art director/designer.

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På min hemsida kan ni få se herr och fru tomte, nakna! De är skapade för hand, så ingen är den andra lik! Välkomna dit!
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