Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tanzania, April 26, 2010, Entry 10

This was tuesday but i couldn't upload it til today.

Bugando Hospital, Mwnaza
Bugando Hospital is a nine story nine hundred bed hospital.
A lot of the elevators don't work, one or two on a good day. So moving patients can be a difficult task or doesn't happen an surgeries have to be delayed. The OR is on the first floor and patient floors two to nine. We went through the entire hospital, from the basement to the roof. Long day to say the least. When you think you're seen everything...just don't ever think you're seen everything it's ignorant.
We're hopping a bush flight in the morning to Haydom so no internet or much else until Saturday or Sunday when we return to Dar.

The elevators weren't working so the food had to be caried from floor to floor.

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Linds said...

Love the broken glass photo. What an amazing trip that must have been.