Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tanzania, Entry 4

April 24 2010
Schipol, Amsterdam.
Four hour lay over in Schipol, Amsterdam before the next nine hour flight. There is a positive. We're flying KLM (Dutch Airlines). The best airline ever. The crew, the food (five spice asian beef was lunch followed a little later by some carmel crunch ice cream and I'm sure a little more will follow) , the planes are well designed and spotless, the entertainment (23 language learning lessons for each seat and about 200 movies at your finger tips), the whole thing is an A+ every time. Last time I flew with them I asked for a comment card to write up the crew for being beyond super good all-stars. They dress perfect, don't bitch or complain plus they're tall and dutch. KLM headquarters sent me a thank you letter for the positive note. I'm not bashing the U.S. air travel (maybe a tad) but the europeans have it down. To the point after being in the air or in a terminal for the past twenty five hours I feel good enough to compliment something.

Five more hours to Dar es Salaam should get us in at midnight then an early flight to Mwanza, then hopefully an hour or two of nothing time.

I'm in an isle seat watching the Reader, the scene where Kate Winslet teaching a school boy the art of doing it, I can see people walking by thinking "pervert in seat 39G".

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