Thursday, May 6, 2010

A few of us hopped a small plane for the twenty minute fight out of Dar (thank the lord) to Zanzibar. Get some desk time away from the group and walk around a bit. Pretty island but once you hit the street it's hassle time. "want this CD" "want a ride" "want a t-shirt, jambo, a cuna matata, blah, blah, blah". Found a good restaurant/bar with fast free wifi on the beach/dock area, Livingstons, named after the explorer. All westerners and expats working and traveling about. Got some good shots of some guys doing flips up and down the beach while I was there. No TV's or video games so go to the water and swim and jump around.

It was nice when we arrived yesterday but today is monsoon season. Tony (from the Post and Courier) and I sat on the roof and got photos together for some of the stories he'll be writing. Hope a lot of them print, he should have a bunch of info so get clicking Tony.

I got my first hot shower in 12 days, finally a place with hot water. The water was orange and brown from the lovely collection of soil, dirt, sand, dust and smog I've accumulated over the past week and a half. They have fancy soap too.

Sitting in the room today editing watching it rain, rain, rain. Crazy amounts of rain and thunder and lightning this island might sink. Tomorrow i jump a ferry back to Dar and my flight back to the states. It is going to be a long few days of travel and air time.

Great trip. A year later the training, teaching and help are paying off. You can see the confidence in the faces of the Tanzanian doctors and nurses. Preforming procedures and saving lives because a surgeon from MUSC had a vision and the hospital supported him with resources, equipment and man/woman power.

Anyone finds a gray ipod in the Dar airport it's mine. I left it charging so it should be good to go by now.

Stone Town

the tin roof

just kept walking, didn't go in.

I love beach music

Load it up.


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