Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tanzania April, 2010, Entry 14

On the way back from the outreach we stopped at the village of Bsotu and a football game (soccer game in american) was in full swing on a muddy pitch next to lake Bsotu. Our driver cut right across the field in the middle of play. I never thaught I'd hear the the words "mother fucker" yelled at me on a football pitch (soccer field in american), during a football game(soccer game in american), in a village, next to a lake, in the middle of Tanzania. But all calmed down and some kids tried to impress me with their flips and tricks. It worked. At one point i was fully encapsulated in about 15 Tanzanian kids all wanting to see the pictures on my cameras LCD screen. Smelled wonderful. It was a great experience.

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leslieryann said...

These are my favorite shots. Beautiful.