Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tanzania May, 2010, Entry 16

Haydom Outreach 2
We left at 5:00 for three hour bone jarring ride into the bush to find the Hadzabe tribe and deliver a 100lb bag of maiz (corn) and 20lb bag of salt. This is one of the most remote and nomadic tribes but now the missionaries found them and they are getting a church and some free food. The beginning of the end of a culture that has been around for thousands of years. We stopped at a few shambas (mud huts) along the way to do follow up checks on a few villagers. The boy in one of the photos below gave me his bow and two arrows and his necklace in thanks. We got back to Haydom at 1:pm for our two o'clock flight back to Dar es Saalam.
Tony's story from the Post and Courier

The kid gave me his bow and arrow and his necklace. I can wear the necklace and learn to bow hunt squirrels i Marion square in guess. The kids have it ruff, but they're happy as hell.

This is on the return. See the ridge way off in the distance, we went to another ridge way behind that one. Far, far away. Six hours crunched into a Land Rover.

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