Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tanzania MAY, 2010, Entry 17

Flight from Haydom To Dar. The bush to the jungle, really, urban hell. I got to co-pilot again. 7 flights in ten days so far. Our pilot Juusef from Finland keeps steering us clear of the T-storms.
Every person at the hospitals we've visited can't say enough about how much impact the Physicains and medical staff from MUSC and it's partners have taught them. Dr Patel (MUSC) taught Dr Newas in Haydom a very complex neuro surgery last year. Dr Newas has done one solo recently and the patient is fully recovered.

Haydom Airport
Co-pilot once more

Mount Hanah in the distance.

Mount Hanah

Dar es Saalam

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Chi-Ho Lee said...

I am totally jealous!