Monday, May 10, 2010

Tanzania, May 2010

The Way home.
Ever ride an African ferry? After a two hour wait at the ferry dock covered in sweat and hiding anywhere that block the sun it was time to load up. Something I noticed about Africa the survival of the fittest and first come first serve theories hold true so when the ferry gate opened it was an all out mad rush for the boat. Women with palm baskets holding their chickens men with TV's on their heads all pushing full ahead threw the gate to the dock. I started to join the scrum but held back a bit. I observed the crowded deck below pulled out 1,000 T shilings (75 cents) handed it to the guy in front of the VIP door and chilled in the AC for two hours from Zanzibar to Dar. I'd still had 32 hours of air travel ahead.

I'm just waiting on a ferry, boat.

These guys are porters. They will carry your bag for a tip, get you a taxi, what ever you can think of. They'll carry a bag of peanuts for you if you like. They are on you as soon as you hit the dock just push through and make a break for the eight hundred taxis that barely run.

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