Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Real Fear

A girl I know said the thing she feared the most was being murdered and left in the woods. To get over her fear she wanted to do a photo shoot of it. So we did and the shots are creepy to say the least but still hold some mystery and beauty. Looks like a real crime scene. She did have to lay in dirt covered in bugs and worms but no complaints from her. She did say it got her over her fear. Photo therapy? Sure a few of you think I need therapy.

This brought a real question to mind. What are people truly afraid of? My next series. Please leave a comment about what you might truly fear. Being alone, love, drowning, pleasing your parents, two headed clowns?

Mine is getting Alzheimer's like my mother. Being trapped inside yourself and once and a while knowing you are but can't get back.


saige said...

Wow, very powerful! I have always had a fear of being disfigured, losing a limb, being burned, badly scarred, etc

sydnee said...

my series from maine is titled "secrets and fears." interesting...
ps. how the heck are ya??