Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mango juice...'s what's for breakfast.

The flight to Ethiopia had a group of about 60 missionaries from some the Base Institute. Over sized name tags swinging from glorious lanyards around their necks to make sure they knew who was on their team. Bob Cornuke (aka: The Holy Indian Jones) pictured above sat in first class while his minions sat in economy withe rest of us sinners. He was in the exact same getup too. He kept bringing his leftover food and desserts from first class and sharing them with his flock, seriously. Africa don't worry this guy will have everything straightened out by the the time he and his crew depart next week. Check his website, WOW!!!!

Got to the hotel in Dar es Salaam at 3:30pm Sunday after a 26.5 hour journey with a few hick-ups. Not sure where or when we'd see the Dilan, D or anyone else. Haven't spoken to any of them in a few weeks so maybe a few hour reprieve after a long trip.

So I threw on the board shorts and wanted a few minutes in the pool(yup a pool at this hotel) and a shower. Stepped out of the elevator and Dilan, D, Gene (USAID Tanzania) another guy from the Walter Reeds' Tanzanian research division and many more right there starting a meeting. Barefoot, smelling delightful the work started. I had to excuse myself from the meetings and planning at 11:00pm and crash.

So now it's 6:00am Monday (MLK Day) and I'm having a wonderful breakfast by myself. Enjoying my mango juice and silence.

Leaving Dar this morning flying our 12 seater to Mbaya until Wednesday then back to Dar.
Thursday fly to Dodomo for the day with the Interior of Health (who we also met with yesterday). After that not sure.

The mango juice, well done mother nature.

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Danny S. said...

Glad your there and all is well, got everything covered at the ranch!