Monday, February 4, 2013

Charlotte Hedley

Two and a half years ago at Maine Media Workshops I met Charlotte Hedley (aka Lottie). A lawyer from New Zealand who practiced in Wellington, London and Moscow who finally needed a transition so she dropped the law thing and moved to Rockport, Maine to become a photographer.

I think she soon realized photography was much harder than pointing a camera and pushing the little button. When I met her she was still shooting jpg's on her 4gb card. Two years later she has become a more dedicated and professional photographer then most accomplish in a career. She's visited more of America than I have in my lifetime. I was lucky enough to get to spend time with Lottie and see close up her effect on the world around her. Sure I'm not alone there, if any of you spent ten minutes with her it's ten minutes you wouldn't forget. She is something to admire.

Last year we were at my house getting ready to watch the Super Bowl and she said "I need to get to Savannah for some work tomorrow". She jumped in her little blue/green car and drove off. Last night while I was watching the Super Bowl she sent me a text from the airport and she was boarding her flight back to New Zealand (she must really hate the Super Bowl). I could tell by her text (Lottie also hates talking on the phone) she was processing a lot of emotions from all the friends and experiences she was saying good by to for a while. I realized there are things far more important than Super Bowls. I skipped the end of the game and sat on the porch shot her another text and hit the highlight reel of or crazy times and simple conversations.


PS. All the work below was done by someone who picked up a camera two and a half years ago. Can't wait to see what's next. Amazing.

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