Thursday, June 6, 2013

This very large...

 So I was at the airport yesterday about to board my flight from Charleston to Atlanta to Knoxville to go to Blackberry farm.
Pilot comes into the terminal gets on the loud speaker and says "If you need to use the bathroom go now. If you need water get it now. No one, including the flight attendants are leaving their seats it's going to be a very rough flight."
Just what you want to hear before boarding a plane. We sat on the runway for an hour. Both flights sucked. ATL airport sort of sucked as well. But did land in one grateful piece. Yay.

Got to Blackberry Farm they offered to have my bag delivered to my bunkhouse and drive me in a black Lexus. "I just want a golf cart I know where I'm going". Grabbed a few beers from the Barn drove down toward the bunkhouse off the paved road onto very wet clay downhill road. Golf cart did a 180 and I slid backward down the hill into the composed pile where this lovely swine "Link(325 lbs, two year old" and his girlfriend "Patty" were camped out. Luggage went into the pile and I popped the first beer. Oh happy day.

This morning I chased this little piggy around and did catch him.

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